Digital Academy to access and use climate data and monitor climate risks


The AGORA project developes a specific Digital Academy to access and use Climate Data and monitor Climate Risks. This tool is designed to make scientific and high-quality information available to citizens and stakeholders thus helping them better understand complex data sets and how to use them. In doing so, climate data, risk hubs and adaptation information can be used as the knowledge basis for decision making processes that can be supported by climate data as well as ongoing climate-risk monitoring and adaptation processes. The AGORA’s Digital Academy  contributes to increasing community awareness on climate-related and adaptation issues. By leveraging on inventories, the Digital Academy provides easy access to information and initiatives fostering climate adaptation at local and pan-European levels, which also serve as examples of how open source climate, risk and adaptation data can be applied in practice. The Academy will not only provide access to data but also support users with learning modules on how to read, interpret and effectively use the information, it can empower stakeholders and increase sustainable development. As a living tool, it will allow citizens to signal out existing initiatives and their impact at local and European levels in the citizen science section, to inspire other communities on how to tackle climate-related risks.


The main objectives of the Digital Academy are to:

  • identify, provide access to, and share guidance on how to use various open source climate, adaptation and risk data
  • provide easy access to information
  • empower citizens,stakeholders, and policy makers
  • enhance the visualisation of climate information

To target the goals, the Digital Academy is structured based on three main products (or pillars) that are Inventories, Modules and Citizen science section. 

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